Security, Medical and Rescue Equipment

Baseline Group work closely with clients and leading suppliers to ensure that we can meet their complete security, medical and rescue requirements. This includes the support services that help your onsite teams respond efficiently.

Our extensive knowledge of security, medical and rescue solutions ensures you receive the right equipment and gear for your site when you need it.   We are also able to provide Poison Permits and can supply the relevant medical equipment and consumables via our online ordering and tracking portal.

If you are unsure about the equipment and consumables you require we can also audit your site and present a proposal recommending the security, emergency response and medical equipment and consumables you require.

Our support services include the following :

  • Poison Permits
  • Medical Center Supplies
  • Medical Consumables
  • Emergency Response Equipment
  • Training Support Equipment
  • Shutdown Support Equipment
  • Transportable Breathing Apparatus Servicing Room / Ready Room

For further details on the purchase or hire of equipment and consumables please contact us.